Friday, September 20, 2013

MaskFest 2013 - Just a Couple More..

A few more random favorites from MaskFest 2013. I am a huge fan of the old Don Post Glenn Strange Frankenstein mask and copies were aplenty this year. No originals but some great alternate versions just as well.. Monster Kid obsession is alive and well!

MaskFest 2013 - A Little Too Realistic?

The pics from MaskFest are piled high in my camera roll. I came across these shots of two artists who were doing very realistic, high detail, human-skin masks. I apologize for lack of info in regard to the artists' names (it was an overwhelming few days) but "Artist 1" took the realism to a disturbing level on the Wolfman, Quasimodo and Count Orloff masks..
Artist 2 also had very realistic detail but slightly less "evil" on Legendre, Danny Trejo and Cochrane..
Fantastic stuff all the way around!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

MaskFest 2013: The Grim Stitch Factory

One of the highlights of MaskFest 2013 was the fact that our Evil Pumpkins booth was situated from one of the true characters of the weekend, the dude from The Grim Stitch Factory.

His pieces are epic as shown below but laugh-a-minute dialog kept us in... err "stitches"!
Never before has so much thought been put into the merits of shit-canning table-signings like "Freddy Englund" 

Next time you see GSF, tell em Evil Pumpkins says hey!

More MaskFest Monsters

MaskFest 2013 is a memory, but the images of horror live on! How absolutely awesome is it to see the wretched floating corpse from the  "A Drop of Water" segment of Black Sabbath sitting right next to a classic Glenn Strange Frankie?
Baby Jane killing time with Karloff's Monster?
A huge thanks to the folks who make these beautiful masks and display them for everyone to see!
Cannot wait for 2014!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MaskFest Hall of Monsters!

MaskFest was a total blast! Evil Pumpkins moved a ton of stuff and we got to hang out with Dead Dick Hammer and Dead Doreen as well as loads of other fiends. I have a load of cool Monster Kid pics to post but I wanted to start with the walk-thru Classic Monster exhibit. These were apparently on display for potential haunter buyers - but it was quite fun to hang out in the dark tent with these big guys and several return trips were in order..

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Box o' Monsters

Frankenstein's Army
As the season approaches the monster shop at Evil Pumpkins is in full swing. Loads of flat-back monsters, Huge Franks, monster pendants, Tom Sullivan Licensed Books of The Dead are being loaded up for the trip to Indy.

Hope to see you there - but if you can't make it be sure to head on over to!