Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Great Plumpkin

Food FA1sness

What's black and brown, vile, drippy, covered in some sort of cheese, smells like death and covered in sesame seeds?

 If you answered "Dog Turd" or "Burger King HA1loween burger" you are correct..

 And this literally has squat to do with Halloween.
 Seriously folks, don't eat this crap.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Awards for Ghoulishness

This year's trophies for The Horror Hootenanny. Had the most fun making these vs all the different ones from years past. I hope whoever wins them adds them to a cool horror shelf or some dank crimson altar.. Can't wait to see who wins "Bloodiest Costume"!
As always by Evil Pumpkins.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Season of The Vine II

You can almost see them move
Extending and connecting. Constricting, suffocating
Loosen here just tightens there
Disappear into the flora

2015's first Spooky Franklin prop takes on a life of its own

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Nosferatu Amongst the Corn

Our pal Paul Gauthier shared this pic of one of the Evil Pumpkins' "Skinny Monsters" that he picked up at Maskfest. The Indian cornfield background is quite fitting!
Skinny Monster available soon at

Maskfest 2015 Carnage

Maskfest 2015 has come and gone.. Rubbery monster headgear galore (though solid masks are coming back in a big way!).
Evil Pumpkins was well represented and had a great time hustling pumpkins, candles and other horrifying stuff. Here is this year's selected photo gallery. Enjoy!

Uncanny Valley - leading the charge in vintage-style vacuform masks painted with light.
Their work is quite amazing!

Kosart definitely keeping Lovecraft alive!

Pumpkin Pulp - Rotting flesh glory!

Maskfest - it's for kids as well!

Devil's Workshop "Curse of The Demon"

My vote for favorite rubber masks goes to Devil's Workshop. That Shock Monster with the green teeth. Perfection!
I believe this is the person that runs the fantastic Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks.

Wish I had taken a better photo of this booth.. Great mask work..

Mabry - a simple booth but excellent work as always!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Theme From an Imaginary Spook Show

Here's the latest video - the title track from my CD "Themes From an Imaginary Spook Show". This one celebrates horror hosts, Horror Rock and cheesy horror in general! Like the drums on this track? Well that's none other than DJ Bonebrake from the legendary LA band X who tracked the kit for me on this one. So honored to be able to do something with him.

I hope you enjoy!
CDs available at
and digitally available at iTunes and Spotify..

The Horror Hootenanny #12

Our 12th annual Horror Hootenanny returns to Franklin this year! A great lineup includes first timers O'possum Holler from Kentucky, The Vamptones - featuring ex-members of Slack and of course Tennessee's greatest Horror Rock - The Creeping Cruds!
And our Late Night Movie this year is The Evil Dead!
Hosted as always by Dr. Gangrene!
Monsterous art by the great Tom (Jackson Phibes) Bagley!
See you at The Pond!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Season of The Vines

The 2015 Halloween season is officially on the clock.
The late summer creeper vine aka "Mr. Triffid" just grabbed his first victim of the year here at Spooky Franklin! So much - so soon! MaskFest is next week. The Horror Hootenanny is set! So many new items for EvilPumpkins! Fall horror movies will be watched (just as soon as that temp drops anyway).

We are open for business!