Friday, November 3, 2017


Nov 2 after breaking down all the props we're left with pumpkins, hay and corn. So why not try out some color tests with these remote LEDs?

Red and Blue

Green and blue

Blue and blue

White and red

Black and blue

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Another season in the books. Possibly the most perfect Halloween weather since starting this haunted yard. Best kid turnout by far. Showed Mad Monster Party and House of Frankenstein to the neighbors. Loads of horror trailers. Friends came and went, including Binx the tabby (in the pics).
I'm baffled as to how much work is involved in the set up of this haunt, and it seems like there is literally not an extra minute to spare the entire month leading up to this night.

October sadly is in the books. I hate that. Here comes winter..

The entire album is of course at my Flickr spot: SPOOKY FRANKLIN 2017 but here are a select few pics that represent how things looked this Halloween. Enjoy!

#greatpumpkinproject 2017 @ Franklin's Old Cemetery..