Friday, January 24, 2020


Unlike this blog, that really only sees a few posts a year - typically around Halloween, the undisputed master of micro yard haunts Pumpkinrot blog runs all year long - featuring his (and his wife's) own creations as well as cool discoveries and various Halloween type content from all over. Come Halloween you would get a full photo album of that year's most wondrous Pumpkinrot haunt. Always something to behold - always something to anticipate. 

On June 21, 2019 everything on the Pumpkinrot blog ceased. No new posts, no new stuff on IG - just dead air and that last post about Midsummer. My first thought was that he was taking a few days or weeks off. Later I speculated he was gonna roar back onto the scene come October with something big - but Halloween came and went without a peep. 

I dug around online a little bit to see if there were any insights available - hopefully listing a return date, but after checking a few of the known haunts (popular and/or associated forums and blogs) it became clear there was no public word about what was going on. Making the rounds to my favorite sites I probably checked in on the Pumpkinrot blog weekly. Now it's 2020 and that same Midsummer eerily sits there, un-nudged, uncommented on.

I come to realize how much I really enjoyed the frequent posts, music, movie tips and especially the comic-strip "Begging for Candy"...

If Rot has thrown in the towel, decided to take a year off - or even a couple years off, he most certainly has earned it. I ponder doing the same every year with my little Spooky Franklin debacle and I've not put in near the 1/5th work that Rot has. It's a very legit workload and it cannot last forever. 

I do love Halloween and will still enjoy it long after I've stopped carving 30 pumpkins in one long afternoon hoping it doesn't rain or freeze. And I hope Rot does come back at some point and that this has just been a simple self-imposed suspension of haunting not something more dire. The inspiration is invaluable..   Maybe someone who knows more than I will leave a note below or drop me a message about Rot.. Enjoy the cold weather yawl...