Saturday, November 3, 2018


SPOOKY FRANKLIN 2018 is in the books. This was not a great year but I made past heart surgery, which really zaps your energy so I had no choice but to downsize the haunt by about half this year. Nobody even noticed and I ended up having way more kids and neighbors than any other year so far. The weather was trying to ruin things and for the first 45 minutes or so after sunset it drizzled a bit, then went into perfect Halloween night weather. It was a good time hanging out in the middle of the driveway watching oldie horrors with befuddled neighbors who had a few too many by then. Next year I hope to be back to normal energy levels.

On a sidenote, my Google domain expired while I wasn't paying attention. So now Google wants $100 to reinstate the domain. Fuck them. That's highway robbery. So keep in mind if you ever want to visit the blog head on out to

Enjoy the pics and head on over to Flickr for all the pics!

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  1. The haunt still looks amazing even operating at half its usual size.