Friday, October 11, 2013

The Zandor Vorkov Plastic Fang Society!

Who the hell is Zandor Vorkov?
Why horror's gravest Dracula, that's who.
Zandor, otherwise known as Roger Engel, accountant for Al Adamson infamously renamed by noneother than Uncle Forry himself during the filming of Dracula vs Frankenstein.

Zandor, the Facebook page?
The Zandor Zorkov Plastic Fang Society is a fun little group of (currently) around 200 folks who love absurd horror.
Admined by yours truly, 'Vinegar' Tom Bagley aka Jackson Phibes, Nashville Horror-host Dr. Gangrene and a few other fine folk The Order of The Plastic Fang is available for anyone who know who Zandor Vorkov is.
We're talking monster kid stuff and posting pics of obscure horror flicks!
Sounds ghoul? Join up!

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