Sunday, November 2, 2014


Spooky Franklin 2014 is in the books. The weather gods tried their best to deliver a knockout punch but we braved the afternoon squalls, which at moments showed dashes of snow and 30+mph gusts to make it to a cold, clear and very windy Halloween eve.

The winds were as such that the fog machines were pretty much rendered useless. The driveway bonfire was a slight reprieve from the cold but winds sent smoke in every direction so burning eyes were the price for warmth. Attendance was down from last year- but the weather probably had some parents pulling the plug on Trick or Treating.

All that aside, we made use of cool new colored 2w telfon bulbs in pan fixtures - which essentially replaced all of the old-school ground lighting. Much more vivid colors and far easier to work with.
The new lighting, a couple of new scarecrows to go with four of last year's sentinels, Ned the blue spook, Frankenstein in the garage, Nancy upstairs and a record 33 carved Jack o Lanterns all added up to a fun Hallow's Eve. At around midnight when everyone was packed up and inside there was a few of those dead silent late night Halloween moments between epic wind blasts. No complaints here kids…
Enjoy the photos - no filters used!


  1. Awesome - love all the pumpkins. How ever did you manage to carve all of them?

  2. Brilliant as always. You guys knocked it out of the park again. So sorry the crappy weather put a damper on it (um, no pun intended, honest). Can't wait to see next year's epicness.

  3. Thanks guys!
    We gutted 33 on Thu and carved 33 on Friday.
    Tanya did the first 9 on each day and I did the rest. My hand was not able to grip a knife by the time I was done - which was right around the time the storms moved in!