Tuesday, October 27, 2015


This was my short-lived, thoroughly rained-out contribution to the Great Pumpkin Project. Like an idiot I forgot my tripod for night shooting so all I procured was a couple of cellphone snaps.
Went back a second night with a new candle and tripod and someone had smashed him into 100 pieces.
This is just off the square, downtown Franklin on an always spooky no-car stretch of road.
Lots of cars pass by this at night so I suspect it probably caught a few random eyeballs during it's brief life..


  1. So I never usually click on the links to the haunts from Rot's sight. But I am glad I did. I LOVE your haunt. Thanks so much for contributing to the GPP! I one day strive to have as cool a halloween front porch as you


    1. Thanks Adam! I hope next year I will remember to bring my tripod and get some better Great Pumpkin shots..