Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Dr. Gangrene is interviewing the people of THE HORROR HOOTENANY.
13 Questions each.
Today's victim is TIMMUH TIM from DEAD DICK HAMMER!

Name and weapon of choice in the band:
Tim Howard ( Hekter) Drums

Favorite movie monster?
Can't say I have a favorite, there's so many. Dracula, Jason, Mike Myers are a few

Best horror movie you've seen recently?
Went to see IT, it was pretty good

Remakes: Yes or No?
Depends on the situation. For me the remake has to pay homage in some way to the original.

What bands inspired you to play music?
I have a lot of influences, I'll name a few..80s Metallica, Kyuss, clutch

What do you like to do when not playing music?
I like to watch old kung fu movies, I like to draw, I like to throw darts

Munsters or Addams Family?
i like them both

Favorite song to play live?
That's a tough one...I would say Catfish Gravy. It gets you going

Favorite moment on stage/tour?
Hmmm..I don't really have a favorite moment.

Misfits, Ramones, or Cramps?

Pet peeves?
Rude people

Favorite Halloween memory?
I have several. One year we let my step daughter have some friends over, got to scare some kids lol

What would you like to have written on your tombstone when all is said and done?

Nothing. No tombstones. No graves.

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